Cristal covers and tents

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More and more is establishing a new trend in the cover tissues, the " CRISTAL ", namely the use of materials with transparency effect.
It is a very suggestive solution, applicable to both roof sheets and closing side sheets of the perimeter, capable of determining an optical effect that makes the structure very pleasant and perfectly integrated in the external environment .
Think about the pleasantness of an event under a CRISTAL structure during a day of snow or rain, or in a environment rich in botanical varieties or with a suggestive sky-line.
Uniquely suited to events that take place in a prestigious location or to "unique" events, such as weddings, prestigious meetings and gala receptions. We recommend this solution for evening events or otherwise in not hot seasonal periods. From technical and regulatory point of view, all the features expected are guaranteed: in fact are made of flame retardant PVC, class of reaction to fire 2^.