The necessity to build sure and comfortable covered places is a requirement and a priority for every kind of event and manifestation.

The traditional structure consists of an aluminum frame covered by double flap coverage, with side curtains and closing covers around the entire perimeter made of PVC (2nd class fireproof as required by current law in force).

Ours marquees have a span of 10, 12, 15/16, 20, 25, 30, 40 mt, by 5 mt modules, therefore offering the possibility of unlimited length development. (schedatecnica)

Besides the cover structure, also the facility of general lighting, emergency lighting and exit reports are provided, as required by current law regulations.

Our modular structures of coverage are particularly suited to the realization of large and small covered pavilions, for temporary accommodation, exhibition and trade fair of any size.

Quick and cheap to assembly, our tents marry elegance and aesthetics, providing a wide range of combinations and geometric configurations depending on the space available.